The bowties is one of the important accessories for men and that make the completion of their outfit. The Bowties and More will have the exclusive varieties of the masonic neckties along with the different color patterns. Some people will borrow the bowties for attending the public meetings and other functions but now they are easily available online in Bowties and More shopping outlet at affordable rates. The colorful fraternity bow ties are displayed online so that you can search for the desired category and add them to the shopping cart. The shipping is made easier and the product is delivered at your doorsteps within twenty four hours. You can avoid the black and white combination of the bow ties as they will show the waiter’s look. The plain and the thin striped bow ties are mostly opted by many men.
The dotted bowties offer the classic look in the complicated style. You can order for the dozens of ties and hang in the wardrobe so that you can wear according to the attire. They can be classified in two ways pre-tied bow ties that is available in readymade form and can be fixed directly in the suit. The next can be tied manually. The new patterns are displayed in the separate column and highlighted for the customers to take a look at the products. The main advantage of purchasing the bowties in the “Bowties and More” brands is that they have the high quality and affordable bowties.


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If you are an avid football fan, then there is no reason why you wouldn’t know Stephon Heyer. How well do you know him? He is one of the great players of the National Football League. Apart from that he is a successful businessman and a good family man. Behind all of this, you can see his determination and passion is in the football field. The success he is enjoying now is the result of the passion he has in football.
Steven Heyer was born on January 16, 1984 in Lawrenceville which is a small town of Georgia to parents are Ron and Glenda Heyer. He had his secondary education in High School of Brookwood located in Snelville where he started his interest in football and for two years started out as the letterman and then played as left tackle. On his first year in high school, his height is already a towering six feet tall and weighs 230 pounds. By the time he was nearly finishing his senior years in high school he added six more inches to his height and additional 100 pounds on his weigh which were mostly muscles while his size of shoes is 22.
His remarkable performance while still in high school did not remain unnoticed. Many colleges and universities namely Ohio State, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Michigan, Clemson and Arkansas showed interest in including Steven Heyer in their team. However, he joined the Maryland team where he also pursued his college education. While playing for Maryland University, he was also studying Criminal Justice and Criminology and finished this on 2006. When he finished college on 2006 and after his games in the Hula Bowl, the NFL noticed how good he is in the field. This started his great career in the NFL. He started playing professionally with the Redskins from 2007 up to 2011. On the middle on 2011, he saw another great opportunity and decided to join Oakland Raiders.
Stephon Heyer was brought up alone by his mother whose vision for her son was like any loving mother would, a brighter future for his son. She was very supportive of his son that she hired a personal trainer so that he would excel in football while he was still in high school. His trainer thought him how to be motivated while his physical skills are being honed. His determination brought him to where he is now.




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